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Central Listening Station, a podcast network for friends based in Albuquerque, Los Angeles and Philadelphia.

Sep 11, 2021

We're back!!!

Like everyone else, we talk about Donda and Certified Lover Boy BUT we discuss Kacey Musgraves's new jawn and Turnstile's ascent.

We also discuss new music releases, Sleigh Bells's lasting influence, Tr*mp's hosting of Triller's 9/11 event, Reservation Dogs, shows we're attending/attended and much...

May 26, 2021


We reconvene to record a special episode to discuss the Madball show that happened in Tompkins Square Park. A month ago.

We talk about shows that are clown shoes, deathcore luminaries and deathcore as high art, Olivia Rodrigo, reopening, Youth Attack!, American Idol (lol), Creed, Cypress Hill...

Aug 17, 2020

Annnnnnnnd we're back!! It's been five months but better late than never! You know the drill, we listen to some tracks and chat amongst ourselves.

We recap what the heck we've been doing in our time awaytrials, tribulations, etc. Wow. What a time. This felt great!

Click here for this week's playlist! Listen to the...

Jul 22, 2020

We sort of play catch-up.

We come face-to-face with David Guetta's George Floyd shout-out, Kanye's presidential run, the upcoming NBA season, Tory Lanez standing a confirmed 5'3", Del Taco and a bunch of other stuff.

The world's on fire! Listen in!

Nov 19, 2019

Episode 36! Matt gives us a N* N*t Novemb*r update, more Lil Peep talk, new music discussion, more Jeremy Renner talk, more Dragonball Z talk, Jesus is King/Kanye talk, Immortal Technique, Rap Caviar, the upcoming Raw Breed tour and other things! Tune in!