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Central Listening Station, a podcast network for friends based in Albuquerque, Los Angeles and Philadelphia.

Jul 12, 2020

Well, almost three months later, we're back!

Let's just say a lot has happened and we managed to pull ourselves together to record a new episode.

The pandemic rages on and "things" continue to get weirder. We talk about "this stuff" as well as attempt to discuss what manages to keep us distracted from all things...

Apr 29, 2020

After a month, WE'RE BACK.

We were probably going to talk about dark stuff like the C*VID-*9 and how we're spiraling or whatever but we didn't! We talk about cinematic B R I L L I A N C E and true appreciation of your bros.

We're talking about recording again tomorrow so we'll see!

Mar 28, 2020

Just what the world needs, a new episode of Number 1 on iTunes. This week, the boys check in with their lives amidst a darn pandemic.

We review where our lives now stand, music picks, movie picks, Animal Crossing and whatever the hell else is keeping us sane in these trying times.

We truly hope all of our buds are...

Mar 8, 2020

Episode 48! This week we listen to some great tunes and recap our last minute trip to Phoenix and LA to see Duster, eat ramen, wild out on the beach and connect with our good friends. Listen in!!! :))

Click here for this week's playlist!! Here is a link to the song not available for playlist addition: Commit Suicide,...

Feb 23, 2020

Episode 47! We're back, babe. This week, we have on, yet again, Albuquerque legend, Rob Motes (These Wild Plains, Constants and Country Club Yankee Jamboree)!!! We listen some great tunes, talk the Attitude Era, drink our first beers ever and have a great time with an old friend. Listen in! It's fun!!!

Click here for...