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Central Listening Station, a podcast network for friends based in Albuquerque, Los Angeles and Philadelphia.

Feb 14, 2024

<3333333 Our special Valentine's Day ep!

This week we talk about our general feelings toward the holiday, Italian food, SPORTS BALL happenings, a lack of Stars, Kanye, the state of hardcore fests and other general gripes.

Tap in and let us know where you're taking your Beloved for this lovely holiday. :))))

Feb 6, 2024


This week we discuss Revolver magazine tunes, Matt's workout routine, Cole's Apple Vision Pro experience, Tyrone's Lumberjack Distro orders, aged nomenclature, our sartorial pasts and more!!!

See ya next week!1!! :3333

Jan 30, 2024

Hey, after two years, we're back! Matt's got a mic and we're rollin'.

We chat about Moz canceling his LA show, pop stars violating the sanctity of hardcore, the current state of hardcore, New Mexico-centric TV shows and much more.

We'll catch you next week. :)

Dec 3, 2021

Three months later and we are back!

We talk about our (and maybe others') respective Spotify Wrapped things, Tyrone being robbed of access to yet another streaming service, Cole's newfound artistic ability, Ghislaine's dang trial,, C*VID variants, a lot of new music, physical music media and MUCH MORE!!!...

Sep 11, 2021

We're back!!!

Like everyone else, we talk about Donda and Certified Lover Boy BUT we discuss Kacey Musgraves's new jawn and Turnstile's ascent.

We also discuss new music releases, Sleigh Bells's lasting influence, Tr*mp's hosting of Triller's 9/11 event, Reservation Dogs, shows we're attending/attended and much...